About us

Our team is focused on bringing heaven to earth. We're active in the church community, and we're passionate about building helpful AI-based tools for churches.

Our story

Here's a quick glimpse at how Church.tech started and how it's going


Church.tech begins building

Sermons Tech was founded because of a conversation two of our team members at Flourish had. The conversation was about an AI integration we were building into FlourishOS when we realized we could use a similar model to help bring maximum value to the messages preached in churches each week.


Church.tech reaches MVP

After a month of building, Church.tech launched it's initial product with tremendous early feedback and adoption.


Church.tech begins scaling

We're currently scaling our product to fit the needs of hundreds of churches across the nation. From small churches to mega churches, Church.tech has shown to be incredibly helpful for church staff members. We're continuing to provide a great way for churches to create more engaging content for their members after Sunday service.